Singapore Discovery Centre

SDC is Singapore’s National Education centre. We used a multitude of interactive content to engage visitors and subtly convey NE’s messages.

Type: Interpretive Gallery Design, virtual news reporter, virtual dance, multi-player game show, virtual puppets


“The goal to revamp SDC, our de-facto National Education centre was to reach out to an audience that has be NE-fatigued over the years.”

Making interactivity fun and relevant

Multimedia People has set a high-standard in making interactive content engaging, yet capable of delivering subtle nuances via messages conveyed.

Several objectives were set out:

  1. 1. Refresh the idea of NE
  2. 2. Provide a new NE perspective in view of the newfound national confidence
  3. 3. Give value for paying customers

On-location Reporter

This is a blue-screen interactive whereby the visitor acts as an on-location reporter and reads from a teleprompter.


Digital Dance Studio

This is another blue-screen interactive that gets visitors on their feet.

A virtual dance instructor guides the visitors through 4 traditional dances.



Cutting-edge Technology

Interactives like “Life’s labyrinth” and “Smart Station” engages visitors young and old.

“Life’s labyrinth” is a tilt-table labyrinth game with different maze designs. Visitors navigate through the maze to avoid the pitfalls in life, by tilting and activating a flight accelerometer.

“Smart Station” is a 3D, real-time interactive robot that converse with the visitors through play station style control precise lip-sync, through a proprietary software developed in the US. The virtual host plays games interactively with the visitors through pre-designed quizzes and videos.

Multi-player Games

Styled like wacky TV game shows, and hosted by 2 of the funniest theatre actors, multi-player games: “Enterprise Quest” and “Harmony Circle” are 2 of the most popular exhibits at SDC. It is not difficult to see why.



Project Information
Design Masterplan: Ralph Appelbaum
Multimedia: MMP