FusionWorld features a dynamic and interactive showcase of award-winning inventions and cutting edge in-house and industry-collaboration prototypes created by A*STAR’s Science & Engineering Research Council (SERC) research institutes.

Type: Content Curation, Interpretive Design, Gesture Menu, RFID, tangible objects, 3D Stereoscopic Animation, Avatar, Natural Dialogue Interface


“A*Star’s FusionWorld is an experiential centre that depicts how A*Star’s technology will change our lives at home, at work, and in the medical and transport industry.”

Multimedia People was engaged in a year long process to investigate, propose an exhibition concept, assist in engaging a design team, and eventually produce all the media contents.

FusionWorld boasts many feats. First, it is a visitor centre that has a 4096 pixel long digital video that spans 180 degree in the launch theatre. The show was produced on film and eventually edited on 4K digital format.

In FusionWorld, visitors also find themselves interacting with video characters through natural dialog, as well as hand gestures, or RIFD objects in different zones of HOME, WORK, HEALTHCARE and TRANSPORT.

In TRANSPORT, visitors ride on bikes and journey through a 4D-stereoscopic futuristic landscape.









Project Information
Design Masterplan: Met Studio
Multimedia: MMP
Project Manager: Design Act