ION Orchard

ION Orchard, with its spectacular frontage and cutting edge designs and concepts, offers visitors a unique shopping experience on Orchard Road.

Type: Public Art, New Media Art Consultancy, Contemporary Art Gallery Consultancy, LED tunnel, LED façade, interactive building

“Multimedia People was engaged as the artistic director for implementing contemporary and new media arts into the newest and largest shopping mall in Singapore, ION Orchard.”

The goal: to engage the public in art, and transform the public areas using new media, giving rise to a new shoppers’ experience.



Multimedia people was engaged to produce the media content for the LED skin and facade, water jet and lightshows as well as ambient media walls located around underground perimeters. We also curated the digital flipdot sculpture “Waterfall” by renown UK artist Troika.

To complete the picture, Multimedia People continued to provide full advisory on design development, playback architecture, events, exhibition programming, PR and other operation matters after the mall has opened.


The most famous of the ambient media walls is themed “Water”. With animated fishes swimming above and alongside visitors, one feels as if they are under water as they move through the space.

For the opening, we produced media content for the exterior LED skin and facade titled “Spring”.


We also produced more festive pieces like this one, shown during Christmas.

2 exhibitions showcasing work behind the creation of ION Art was curated and produced.