Gardens By The Bay

Gardens by the Bay is Singapore’s latest crown jewel and the most highly prolific icon along the strings of attractions at Marina Bay.

Type: Interpretive design, augmented reality scope, interactive wall, pepper’s ghost, projection mapping on architectural model, immersive theatre, octascope, animation, motiongraphics design

“Besides providing a world-class botanic experience, the Gardens by the Bay also aims to deliver the message of sustainability and optimism.”

We were engaged to provide media and interactive content for the Gardens with the intent of heightening visitor experiences.


Flower Dome: Entrance

Colourful palettes of blooming flowers dances across the “petals” at the entrance to the Flower Dome.


Flower Dome: Octascope

While looking down into the octascope, one might be forgiven if they think that there is an infinite virtual flower dome down below. This Octascope is an optical illusion created using 8 reflective mirrors and an animated LED screen.

Flower Dome: Interactive Wall

5 large interactive walls paint a scenic view of a forest. What if you can chop them down with your bare hands? Or replace them with urban build-ups? This interactive installation provokes and makes one think about how humans and their actions can adversely impact other living creatures sharing our earth.


Flower Dome: Pepper’s Ghost

5 Pepper’s Ghost units lines the exit to the Flower Dome. Each tells a story of how plants adapt to its environment. Images reflecting off the special glass are projected onto carefully crafted models and lighting effects, creating stories of wildfire, the four seasons, drought, and other spectacular scenes.

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Cloud Forest Dome: Earth Check

This is the center for Earth Data Collection. An immersive environment full of animated infographics telling earth’s ever-evolving story. How are we doing today compared to how we were in the past?



Cloud Forest Dome: Plus 5 Degrees

What would happen if the earth was 5 degrees hotter? This 2-storey high immersive projection is a dramatic and theatrical space that tells the tragic story of our earth in the near future. As the clock ticks, and the temperature rises and things change. The earth has already embarked on this global warming journey.


Cloud Forest Dome: Projection Map

4 large projections, 2 on the white acrylic model of the Gardens and 2 on the wall, explain the natural cycles of the Gardens. The Gardens carbon neutral way of life contends that there is still hope yet for humankind if we make a change now.




Cloud Forest Dome: Soundscapes

Multi-channel soundscapes provide an aural backdrop to the domes. Imagine feeling like you’re inside a bat cave at the “Crystal Mountains” and then finding yourself at the “Cloud Forest” as you exit the “mountain”. Visitors can also listen to rare sounds underground, like slimy worms crawling and termites head-butting.

Theme Gardens: The Malay Gardens

3 documentaries – “Batik Making”, “Wood Carving”, and “Pandan Weaving” are sreened on a video wall in an open pavilion. The filming took us to the Kampungs in Malaysia, where we looked at how traditional Malay art epitomizes how people and plants can live harmoniously.






Located in “The Secret Lives of Trees”, the periscope is an interactive live CCTV treetop view, with video footages depicting how different animals live above the canopy of trees.

Wind-up Sound Generators

These carefully manicured animal-shaped plants can make sounds, if only you will wind them up.

Dragonfly Lake: Augmented Reality Scopes

Looking like giant gyroscopes, these AR scopes bring to life stories of the lake. Short animated stories shows why the Dragonfly Lake is important to cycles of nature at the Gardens, and how it is important to the ecology of the Gardens.


QR Mobile Contents

The QR-tagged animated web contents extend the Dragonfly lake stories beyond the physical boundaries of the Gardens via the visitor’s personal mobiles or specially customized designated tablets for guided group visitors.

Project Information
Design Masterplan: Land LLC
Main Contractor: Kingsmen
Content Interpretives and Multimedia: MMP