Land Transport Gallery

Land Transport in Singapore has evolved over the years and at each stage, we are constantly faced with different challenges.

Type: Multiplayer interactive video theatre, interactive masterplan, future video, animation


“The update of the Land Transport Gallery took 6 months longer than expected, as the Land Transport Master Plan unfolds itself as we developed the content.”

We now know why in our transport landscape, change was the only constant.

Short term pain, Long term gain. Everything is done for the greater good of the people, you see.

Challenge Theatre

In the first gallery, the format of Q&A polling was kept, and the deliberation of the trade-offs were done tongue in cheek. The audience were also treated with a quick fire rundown of the milestones of the land transport development so far.


Walk through a time tunnel and you arrive in the final gallery, the LTMP2014 vision was told through a future scenario video.


Visions Interactive

This is followed by an interactive wall full of infographics.

Project Information
Main Contractor: Kingsmen
Content Interpretives and Multimedia: MMP