MAS Gallery

Many factors contributed to Singapore’s low inflation and sustained growth in its first 5 decades. One key factor stood out: the astute management of its monetary policies; and the supervision and development of its financial sectors. MAS’ workings as both a Central Bank and a Regulator, are de-mystified and made simple in the MAS Gallery.

“Housed in the stately MAS building, the MAS Gallery is a classy and compact experience centre that exudes warmth and confidence befitting of its owner.”

Several key concepts drive the design of the MAS Gallery.

  • Respecting the stately building that houses it, and the role of MAS in Singapore, a minimalistic design approach was taken.
  • Spaces within the gallery were carved out using 2 basic geometries: circles and rectangles. These 2 forms intersect to create zones out of what was formerly an office space. Free-form and “fancy” design elements were avoided to ensure that the design stays consistent to its intent.
  • Natural materials were used to represent honesty and integrity. These materials and different blue texture evolves over the path of the gallery, where the materials interact from one zone to another.
  • Graphics were created using only basic colours: YELLOW, BLUE, RED and simple lines.
  • A “not more that 100 words” rule was applied to wall text, even for the most complex and difficult topics, to ensure that copy-writing does what it is supposed to do – to be understood.
  • Our Currency Journey

    Singapore currencies past and present is a highlight of the gallery, while visitors learn about counterfeiting features of the currencies and test it out on their own notes.


    Learning about Economics and Monetary Policies

    Colourful infographics explain how the exchange rate is used in Singapore to maintain low inflation while sustaining growth. Visitors can even try their hands to save our economy by adjusting economic policies at the Monetary Policy game, or they can go into the ops room and help to stabilise the exchange rate.

    One could also read a simple analysis of the economic outlook and current policy stance from the wall projected magazine “MAS NEWS”.


    Understanding how MAS develops our Financial Sector

    Here, a multitouch wall provides byte-size stories of how Singapore transformed itself into a global financial hub. Young visitors can take a personality quiz to see what kind of career in the financial industry is suitable for them.

    Regulating and Supervising

    Singapore’s financial industry avoided a breakdown during the financial crises in the past decades. This is partially due to the stringent regulation and supervision regime imposed by MAS. Here, visitors learn how this strict regime is administered with a humanistic approach, through the “Stress Test Game” and video documentaries.


    Empowering yourself

    While well protected by the regulators, consumers too need to do their part in ensuring their own financial futures. On this projection mapped graphics wall, follow Priya and find out the dos and don’ts of buying a financial product. Visitors can also play a quick financial planning game to appreciate the need to prioritise and “save up” early.


    The future

    Ending the visit, visitors enjoy a glimpse into a possible future, and make themselves silly on the photo booth.