Punggol Discovery Cube

Punggol used to be Singapore’s “wild frontier” and full of outdoor excitement. Today, it is also Singapore’s first Eco Town and HDB’s testbed for innovation. Its rich heritage and a narrative that is relevant to our future makes Punggol’s story both compelling and interesting.


“The Punggol Discovery Cube is filled with fun facts and interactive explorations, which is why it makes a good starting point for visitors to Punggol. Located in Punggol Town Square, it is also a wonderful gathering place for locals and visitors to take a breather from the outdoor activities.”

The Gallery is divided into 2 public viewing areas. Once entered the gallery, one would notice the eye-catching large central model of Punggol. You can have a better view of the model at the 2nd level, while at the same time enjoy the large infographics wall.

Drawing inspiration from the water features and Punggol’s nature, timber strips create a dynamic and organic interior form. The timber strips also “flow down” 2 building columns, transforming into benches, and inviting visitors to have a seat “under the trees” while taking a respite from the outdoor heat. This welcoming gesture is metaphorical as well as functional.

Interactive Punggol Model

The centerpiece of the gallery, the huge interactive Punggol map is surrounded by touchscreen kiosks, each tells a different aspect of the Punggol Story. From its rich historical past, outdoor highlights, waterway features, key developments, to sustainable and biophilic design deployed. Corresponding landscape in the model lights up according to the contents being browsed.

Infographics Wall

On the second floor, a large infographics wall presents key development milestones, as well as the future vision of the Punggol community. These infographics were designed to be modular, so that contents can be easily updated in the future.

Project Information
Main Contractor: Kingsmen Exhibit
Content Curation & Graphics: MMP
Multimedia Consultancy and Production: MMP