IRAS Gallery

The newly revamped IRAS Gallery is a proof that a small gallery with “serious” contents can also be interesting and engaging.


“The IRAS Gallery is a cool and attractive gallery filled with easy-to-understand infographics, interesting artefacts and useful insights.”

The small space and limited budget poses a challenge to the revamp. While retaining the existing wall partitions to save cost, following strategies were employed in our design to achieve the goals:

  • - Make design contemporary and the space more welcoming to lure walk-in visitors.
  • - More visuals and less text to make viewing pleasurable, and to communicate better.
  • - Introduce people faces to refocus on “people”.
  • - Create “content zones” in the middle spaces, and use them to better communicate IRAS’s key messages and core values.

Partnership in Nation Building

The entrance zone is the first content-focus area. Here, the roles of taxes and IRAS are explained.

A multi-layered, glass graphics cutout wall welcomes visitors to the gallery. It symbolises the important role that taxes play in nation building.

Directly across, a curved wall defines the role of IRAS, as a tax collection agent that enables this partnership between the government and its people. 2 interactive screens allow visitors to find out where our taxes come from, and how they are used.

The Evolution of Taxes

The “history wall” wraps around the space.

Instead of long text paragraphs and free-flow layout, we created a structure, both information-wise and visually, so visitors can follow the stories easily.

– The social and economic context
– How the tax department and the tax administration evolved
– Interesting insights and facts

Infographics were used heavily to minimise text and make reading pleasurable.

Pullouts and drawers were used to maximise the display footprint, and feature story insights.

An artefact wall showcases interesting objects used by the taxmen and taxwomen in the early days.

A lightbox wall of IT equipment showcases the transformation into an IT oriented service provider in the 80s.

A microfilm interactive allows visitors to experience how it was like retrieving documents from a microfilm.

IRAS and the future of Taxes

At the heart of the gallery, 2 curved walls defines our second content-focus area. Here, we centred the story on IRAS and the future of taxes.


On one side are visions and future goals explained by people of IRAS.


On the other side is a projection mapped infographics that shows the effectiveness of our tax collection in numbers.

Here, visitors can also try their hands on being a tax-detective: learn about the common tax crimes and their tell-tale signs.
A career game and wall allows visitors to find out about themselves and what kind of tax careers suit them. Regardless of one’s aptitude, there is a role to play in the tax industry.
Visitors can also listen to an audio guide on their mobile phone through the use of QR code.

Project Information
Design and Build: MMP