Futian Mangrove Ecological Park Education Centre

Futian Mangrove Reserve is located north of Shenzhen bay, and is an important part of the global wetland eco system. The protection of mangrove requires public involvement. Hence, it is imperative that the public be educated about mangrove conservation. This is the key objective of the Education Centre.


“The education centre is located within the eco-park so it can reach out more people. Other than students and NGOs, public visitors to the park can now access its education content.”

The centre was design developed over a 2-year, during which we provided design consultancy and training for our local design partner. This process also included the re-training and re-structuring on their internal design workflow while imparting on user-centric design philosophy. After the final design was approved, we completed a section of the media production for the centre.

A key feature of the Education Centre is that it uses different tactile interactions in combination with media to present different kinds of contents. User-exploration is the driving design principal for the gallery. This resulted in highly engaging exhibits which are enjoyed by young and old visitors alike.

Types of wetland

A multi-media lightbox installation explains the types of wetlands found in Shenzhen. User can select and view 3D animation of the various types of wetlands

Types of Mangrove plants

Different mangrove plants are distributed along the shoreline according to habitats. Using a sliding panel, visitors can explore the parts of each plant. This 2-step learning interaction design enhances user understanding of the content.

The Wisdom of Air-roots

Through tactile interaction, the user can change the number of roots supporting a mangrove plant. This in turn reveals the importance of the root in preventing coastline erosion.

Food chain projections

An interactive floor projection welcomes visitors to the space. As visitors walk through the space, fishes and mud crabs will scramble across the room as petals and leaves floats away.

The multi-player role-play game on the interactive wall allows visitors to touch and “capture” the food, or hide from predators. By playing the game, users can learn about the wetland food-chain while having fun.

Project Information
Local partner: Silkroad CG
Design and Production: MMP