Gardens by the Bay enhancements

Among the many attractions in Gardens by the Bay, the immersive “Plus 5” show is one of the most well received and talked about. Following the success of the show, Gardens by the Bay continues to update its immersive zones within the Cloud Forest dome so that contents remain relevant and refreshed.


“Human has disrupted its own living environment. How we can make a positive contribution to prevent further damage?”

The new immersive zones within the Cloud Forest Dome continues its previous narrative:

Due to human activities, the earth is edging towards a sixth “Mass Extinction”. The Cloud Forest Gallery explains its causes.

At the hologram, visitors learn that Gardens by the Bay is an example of how urban build-ups can be resource neutral.

But there is hope yet. In the Cloud Forest Theatre, “Green World” portrays a positive outlook of our world, if we embrace greenery in nature and urban spaces.

Cloud Forest Gallery

Using the hexagonal grid as a metaphor to represent the Carbon, this gallery is sensorial as it is educational. Here, visitors learn about how human activities have disrupted the nature and depleted its resources. Five previous “Mass Extinctions” had wiped out the majority of living species on planet Earth. What can we do to avoid the sixth?

Anthropocene: the time in which human impact significantly on the environment.

The “Anthropocene Sculpture” embedded inside the hexagonal structure is made with materials related to the human activities that caused the Anthropocene. Through the interactive media, one can learn about what these materials are, and how their use significantly impact our ecosystem.

Lessons from Nature

A hologram pyramid measuring 2.5m x 2.5m explains how we can learn from natural cycles.

Using 3D animation, the hologram proposes that cities can adapt its use of resources to remain sustainable as demonstrated by Gardens by the Bay.

Cloud Forest Theatre

In response to the impending sixth “Mass Extinction” messages in the Cloud Forest Gallery, the Cloud Forest Theatre conveys a positive tone: that we can take actions to veer away from potential disaster.

In this immersive theatre, audiences watch a highly emotive show: “Plus 5”, which presents one possible outcome if we continue to abuse our planet. Our planet will be 5 degree hotter within a decade, and with each small increment in temperature, devastating effects will be felt.

This is immediately followed by an upbeat sequel: “Green World”. In this sequel, we propose that the disaster can be avoided if we allow nature to heal itself, and embrace greenery in our city.

Project Information
Main Con: Kingsmen Exhibit
Design: MET Studio
Media Production: MMP