URA Draft Masterplan 2013

URA Draft Masterplan 2013 exhibition showcased a challenging application of mobile Augmented Reality tablets on a 3D model, under natural daylight.

Type: Augmented Reality on architectural model. Motiongraphics design and production.

“The key focus of the Draft Master Plan 2013 is to build townships for all ages that are green, healthy, connected, strong in community interaction and spirit, and to bring quality jobs closer to home.”

AR Technology

One is to apply AR technology on the existing 100 Sq m central area model. With MXR Technology as our technology partner, the AR allows mobile iPADs to overlay transport networks, video, and other information on the pre-existing model, using a blend of MXR patented multiple-AR tags, gyro, and visual tracking. While the model is partially exposed to changing daylight, it makes the visual tracking even more challenging. However, the end result was a massively polygoned, yet stable and intuitive AR to be enjoyed by the visitors. The popup information is stored externally and can be updated by URA in the future.

Paper to Reality

The other is to apply a paper to reality concept on the Masterplan video, using origami animation, real footages. While concepts like these are common in advertisements, it is a challenge to apply onto real life infographics. We are happy that it turned out well for our client, URA.