Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

The sprawling 120,000 sqm Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is a collaboration between MMP Singapore and Suzhou’s own Multispace 创捷传媒.

Type: Experiential Gallery Design Consultancy.


“Where many urban planning galleries try to outdo each other in terms of impressive interiors and high-tech exhibits, the SIP Gallery is a breathe of fresh air.”

The SIP gallery is different from many other urban planning galleries in China in many ways. It is a demonstration of our design beliefs: a meaningful narrative through the spaces; consistent spatial, visual and interaction language; and an in-depth, emotive application of media content.

Infographics are used heavily throughout the gallery to make learning easier for visitors from VIPs to urban planning experts to the general public. The sole purpose: to make content meaningful, impactful, and useful for its visitors.

Level 1: A narrative for the VVIPs

As with all urban planning galleries in China, the SIP has a necessary political agenda: to celebrate the city’s success in the context of central government’s policies. To this end, visitors are welcomed into a formal space marked by symmetrical red columns. This is where you would find an oil painting of visionaries Deng and Lee.

Entering into the “Diamond” zone, the changes brought about by the city’s development and policies are showcased.

The “Crystal” zone features industries and products that drive the economy of SIP.

Finally, visitors enter an immersive audiovisual space celebrating public policies in sub-urban integration, education, medical, social insurance, arts and culture. Visitors would leave with an impression that Suzhou is a vibrant city.

Level 2: Masterplanning and key districts

On this level, the masterplan is explained through the various geographical districts. Its content is targeted at both expert visitors such as urban planners, as well as the public.

Welcoming visitors is the vision statement; the light boxes magically transform and morph into graphic explanations of planning strategies. The subsequent spaces introduce the masterplan over the years, planning considerations, as well as the key districts that make up SIP: education and R&D, central CBD, and the resorts.

Level 3: Masterplanning in cross-section

At the top-most level, the SIP masterplan is examined topically, with each topic presenting itself in a sub-zone: Housing, water, infrastructure, smart city, transport etc. A large but extremely detailed model is also a highlight of this floor.

Other highlights of this gallery include a light and sound show on a 1000 sqm large city model and an interactive digital model of the city.

Project Information
Content Interpretives and Multimedia: MMP
3D Design: Zarch Collaboratives.