KidsSTOP – Movie Workshop

Kids from primary to lower secondary can now experience how movies are made at Science Centre. Inside this movie workshop, kids create their own movie content by being actors, studio engineers, and even animators.

“Ever wonder how movies are made? This mini movie workshop provides some answers for young children by bringing them behind the scene.”

In this stimulating and interesting environment, it is not difficult to find young and budding talents here.

4 stations are created for this workshop: a green-screen studio, a live MTV broadcasting studio, a projection background car ride, and a stop-motion capture station.

MTV Live!

Kids sing and dance to the on-screen lyrics on stage while “broadcast engineers” busily switch video sources, control lighting effects and manipulate digital screen effects in a live-telecast. This full-facility music video studio has all it takes to let the whole family express themselves creatively.


On-location green screen studio

You can become a typhoon on-location reporter, superman, or go under the sea. Just step in front of the green screen and pick up your props. Being an actor isn’t that hard for most of the kids who tried this installation.

Blue screen typhoon news reader

Live background

Kids enjoy car chases, especially when it is legal. More so, if they are being chased by a firing helicopter or a T-Rex! This is one of the most favourite stations in the workshop where kids simply play over and over.



Older kids can try their hands on this live stop motion capture station. Simple press button interface introduces the steps to creating simple animation, insert sound effects or music and email the completed movie home.

Kids trying out Stop motion movie maker

Project Information
Content Interpretives and Multimedia: MMP
Main Contractor: Kingsmen Exhibit.