The Peranakan Museum

At the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore has thrived as a center for global maritime trade for centuries, drawing people from all corners of the world. This vibrant mix of cultures has nourished a unique and deep Peranakan tradition.

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The newly refreshed Peranakan Museum delves into the roots of Southeast Asian Peranakan culture and explores its profound impact on Southeast Asian society, bringing to life the rich cultural elements that define Peranakan heritage.

“What is


Frequently asked by visitors from all over the world, this question is answered through themes related to origins, home, and style as aspects of identity.

Community interviews, recorded demonstrations, art commissions, and other contemporary expressions of Peranakan culture provide a multi-faceted experience for visitors.

Focus Group on User Interaction

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept was adapted to suit non-touch interaction.


Considering all target users, we organized focus groups for children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities to better understand their user experience and provide the best solution suited for all.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content is ever-expanding and evolving, which is essential for preserving our culture. The CMS is meticulously developed for this museum, providing the ideal solution for managing the continuously growing and updating media content in a convenient way.

The Creole Wall

The language of the Peranakans is a creole that developed over time through the process of different languages simplifying and mixing into a new form. This unique hybrid language is the result of a multiracial community living together and intermarrying over several decades, eventually forming a distinct and unique community.


The digital mural wall is brought to life through interactive projections, featuring a rich blend of animated graphics and triggerable dialogues in multiple languages.

Peranakans in Southeast Asia

Different thematic stories play out on a base map, showcasing the historical and geographical contexts leading to the emergence and development of Peranakan communities in Southeast Asia.

Different thematic stories play out on a base map, showcasing the historical and geographical contexts leading to the emergence and development of Peranakan communities in Southeast Asia.

Faces Across Time And Space

Located on the museum’s first level is the Origins gallery, which focuses on the diverse origins and evolution of Peranakan communities.


From hand-coloured photographs to photo walls, visitors will encounter portraits of past and present-day Peranakans, contributed by various Peranakan communities, showcasing the diversity and richness of Peranakan cultural heritage.

On four separate interactive screens, visitors browse through photographs categorized under different themes. To provide users with a break from space and time limits, a custom CMS allows the museum to update the photographs and texts independently.


Designed as a custom music player with an embedded CMS, this installation introduces visitors to a variety of musical genres enjoyed by Peranakans, including both local and overseas productions.

The genres, introduction texts, and music can be continuously updated, allowing visitors to learn more about the variety of musical genres that appealed to Peranakan tastes.

The Diversity of Peranakan Cooking

Hosting a feast is an event for the Peranakan community that goes beyond mere dining; it is a vibrant celebration of their rich cultural heritage, where elaborate dishes, traditional attire, and heartfelt hospitality come together to honor family, tradition, and the art of communal gathering.


A dual-screen video presentation showcases Peranakan cooks and recipes from diverse Peranakan community groups.



As with the other exhibits, the museum can always expand the content and add more videos through the CMS.

Project Information
Main Contractor: Kingsmen
Content Interpretives and Multimedia: MMP

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