Singapore Navy Museum

The Singapore Navy Museum at Changi Naval Base reopened in 2023 after its exhibition gallery was revamped to enhance visitors’ learning experience about the role of the navy in Singapore’s development.


“Home to Protect” A Panoramic Video Experience


Along the reception corridor, visitors encounter “Home to Protect”, a panoramic video that showcases the bravery and dedication of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) in action.

The video begins with serene horizon sea waves, symbolizing the sea as the Navy’s lifeline.

The accompanying soundtrack, the Navy’s song, resonates with many RSN men and women, creating an emotional and familiar connection.

The video montage showcases the tireless efforts of the men and women who diligently protect Singapore’s waters and Sea Lines of Communication.

“Defending Our Everyday – Maritime Security”

This exhibit features a large screen with a projected map of Singapore and multiple input consoles, showcasing the bustling Straits of Singapore.

This interactive installation allows visitors to learn how the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) detects and responds to various maritime threats through engaging consoles.

The wall projection displays ships continuously navigating through Singapore’s busy waters in fast-motion and at various points, information boxes appear on the map, providing valuable insight to their mission.

Through interaction with the projected map, visitors gain practical insight into maritime security operations, fostering a deeper appreciation for the Navy and its partners’ ongoing efforts to protect Singapore’s waters.

Visitors engage with consoles that not only simulate real-life scenarios encountered by the RSN, but also educate them about the advanced techniques and technologies the Navy uses to monitor and secure our sea lanes. Through this hands-on experience, visitors gain a better understanding of Singapore’s vulnerability to maritime threats and learn about the challenges and strategies in maritime security.

“A Deterrence Force”

Visitors come face to face with a smart glass screen that brings RSN’s mission to life. This visual montage showcases the Navy executing various operations across all domains, illustrating their technical prowess and strategic effectiveness.

Through dynamic scenes, engaging clips, music and sound effects, visitors will witness the Navy’s commitment to safeguarding Singapore’s maritime interests.

The smart glass also serves as an introduction and separator to the content within the room.

“A Tradition of Excellence”

This exhibit pays tribute to the unwavering dedication and commitment of the men and women of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN).

Through animated projection mapping, it brings to life the experiences and journeys of these remarkable personnel, gaining a deeper appreciation for the stories of bravery, dedication, and honor that form the foundation of the RSN.

“The Pool of Reflection”

The Pool of Reflection is a digital art installation designed for visitors to reflect on their journey through the Navy Museum.


Visitors are prompted to interact with a digital screen where their hand movements create ripples that come together to reveal a series of heartfelt messages. These messages capture the profound ways in which the Navy’s work has touched lives.


As visitors hover their hands over the Pool of Reflection, they will see how the ripples symbolize the far-reaching effects of the RSN’s dedication and service. This interactive installation not only highlights the Navy’s contributions but also allows visitors to engage in a moment of introspection and connection.

Project Information
Main Contractor: Kingsmen
Content Interpretives and Multimedia: MMP

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