The Singapore Bicentennial Experience – OBSERVATORY

The Singapore Bicentennial Experience is a celebration of “what it means to be a Singaporean”, 700 years in the making. Located on top of Fort Canning Hill, and part of the PATH-FINDER trail, is the OBSERVATORY.


“The OBSERVATORY provides a narrative of important world events during the early days of Singapore, up until 1819, when the Singapore Treaty was signed. This spatial installation contextualises the historical events in Singapore, by relating to the circumstances and development around the world.”

The Raffles Lighthouse

The Raffles Lighthouse is is central to the space. It the metaphor and reference point of the installation. As the spotlight spins around the room, as if observing the world in silence, it illuminates key events that happens over the centuries.

Historical timeline wall

Animated according to the spinning spotlight, the timeline wall is also responsive to someone standing in front of it, creating an additional narrative layer.


Ships representing each city sail across the screen. Using the palm, visitors can scoop up a ship. A dial will appear where the city populations slowly changes over time. This population is compared against Singapore’s population of the period.

Rise and fall of cities – Constellation

Cities rose and fell according to events around them, like expansion of empires and development of trade routes. These pulsing cities become perpetual constellations, burning bright and eventually dying off.