Zhuhai New City Centre Gallery

With the growing influence of the Greater Bay Area and the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the re-development of a new city centre at Zhuhai is becoming even more pressing. Its aim: to connect the industries in Zhuhai and make the city relevant to the needs of the Greater Bay Area.


“In the age of mushrooming city planning galleries around China, stuffed with visual splendour and exaggerated interiors, the Zhuhai New City Centre Gallery takes on a new meaning. More than just a report card for its city government, the gallery is also a useful platform for communicating its vision and plan to potential investors and city residents.”

The key differences in the design approach for the Zhuhai New City Centre Gallery are 2-folds.

Firstly, the gallery is planned with a logical content flow. Visitors can understand the narrative clearly as each zone is centred on a singular key message. This “user-centric” approach is what makes content relatable to its target audience.

Secondly, unlike many galleries where visitors remember the “impressive displays” but not the key message, the gallery focuses the experiences on key takeaway messages. This is done through creative spatial, media, and interaction design, and not necessary expensive or huge displays.

The 1500 sqm hall is divided using a “X” grid instead of a rectangular grid to maximise visitor flow. Breaking away from the rectangular grid also create the illusion of a large space.

A mezzanine is created to make space for meeting and VIP hosting.

Welcome lobby – A Contextual Prologue

Using the rope bridge as a metaphor, the lobby is designed as a welcome space as well as a prologue to the circumstance of Zhuhai’s new development.

Interactive Walkway – Stating its Strength

An interactive walkway, designed using triangular grid and a reflective mirror wall, presents Zhuhai’s case to the visitor. What are its strengths and “why Zhuhai?”.

Immersive Theatre – Supporting Development

A bowled shaped immersive theatre traces back to the development and policies support for Zhuhai’s success.

Interactive Model and Light Show – Sharing a Vision

A must-have in China’s gallery, visitors are presented the vision of a thriving city and are asked to share this success by being part of its development.

The large city model is internally and externally lit, with small mobile props for interesting close-ups. The model city seamlessly blends into the large LED screen, creating an illusion of continuity.

Masterplan Room – Understand the details

For professionals and future residents the new city plan is presented here. A large interactive 3D model of the city allows a presenter or a visitor to zoom, pan and rotate the 3D masterplan.

An Augment Model presents attrative urban design details of the city, with emphasis on the green corridors, vibrant river banks and skyline relative to the green hills. 3 interactive object tables allows visitor to understand how Traffic, Civil Service, and Amenities are planned.

Economy-Development Room – Key Industries Promotion and Business Friendly City

Transition through a subway station, something that the Zhuhai resident can look forward to in the future, visitors arrive at a fan-shaped economy-development room. The sea-shell shaped ceiling represents Zhuhai’s seafront character.

Set radially towards a polygonal projection wall are interactive stations. Each interactive stations represents a key industry, where geographical supply-chain, life-style, and related industry support plans are explained.

Project Information
Gallery Design: MMP
Co-Creative Director: D’CONCEIRZ